the logic, workflow and document automation platform for Microsoft Office

“My firm should run the way I want it to”

“As our world constantly changes, my systems should too. I need a product which can be adapted and extended as my world changes, not when the next software release is due.”

“The right people should be doing the right thing in the right way at the right time - efficiently, effectively and on brand”

“I want my senior team driving the business, focussed on revenue generation and realising efficiency. The back office should be creating the firm’s documents with smart functionality that supports productivity and accuracy.”

Affordable platform, extensible options

verowave Platform

A powerful dynamic forms and data engine, that permits integration with core systems, performs complex functions and organises workflow processes

Packages that extend the functionality of Microsoft Office

dynamic forms engine
Document Assembly and Automation for Microsoft Word

Extensible Options

Apps to provide integration, content management, functionality and productivity

Admin and Designer tools for the self-management of the verowave platform

Deployment service for the instant update of Apps and content to users

Deployment Service
Solution Launcher
Configuration Manager
veroforms Designer
App Store

your verowave...

...your way

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We exist to save you time, whatever your industry.

Our verowave platform exists to empower every business to work smarter.

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