Document Styling App

Using the sophisticated Customs Action feature within our verowave solution, Verowave Technologies have launched the ‘Document Styling’ App which provides a dedicated ribbon tab to assist users in the production of legal agreements and contracts, HR documents or any other document that facilitates paragraph numbering.

The ‘Document Styling’ App also provides support, the application of styles, to firms who have chosen to adopt the style name conventions as recognised by the UK Document Excellence Group (UKDEG).

verowave Custom Actions Apps are extensions packs that can be additionally installed (or bespoke developed) to provide enhanced functionality to the Microsoft Office environment for the improved production of business documents. Custom Actions do not require the use of macro-code and can provide support for all your documents and templates without the need to rewrite your existing templates.

verowave Document Styles App Ribbon
Document Styles App


For further information please contact us on +44 (0)1622 828780.

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A highly experienced Technology Consultant and Software Developer who has been providing software and template solutions to organisations for over 25 years. Having extensive knowledge of software architecture, development, user-interface and corporate brand design and being a creative individual who pays particular attention to detail, he is highly regarded in his field of expertise.

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