Letter of Engagement Example

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Product Demonstration Video Series (V001)

This is the first post in a new series of demonstrations video that we will regularly publish to provide a deeper insight into the functionality of our verowave product.

The aim of these demonstration videos is to show case various components of the software and to highlight some of what can be achieved, simply and quickly, without the need to write macros or programming code.

In this demonstration video, we show case our standard Letter template, particularly highlighting the ‘Letter of Engagement’ functionality.

The physical Microsoft Word template is nothing more than a simple (non-macro enabled) ‘dotx’ template with styles and basic formatting already applied. Using the veroforms Designer we designed a powerful form that would allow the end-user to enter the required data. Forms can respond dynamically to user input and take shape based upon the rules set by the person designing the form.

Forms created with the veroforms Designer are stored as external form files (.vform) and can be associated to one or more Microsoft Word template. This provides flexibility in template design based upon business requirements without the need for designers to duplicate effort.

Letter of Engagement Example

Our Verowave Services team have created an entire set of base templates that are ready to be deployed, from the verowave Cloud, to any business looking to improve their in-house document production process. All you need to do is to supply us your Company logo, preferred font, size and basic paragraph formatting requirements and finally your list of Office addresses. From there, we can provision you a hosted deployment on our dedicated Cloud where you can download the client software. Once you have followed the simple software installation instructions, your template solution is instantly available to you and your team on a monthly/annual subscription basis.

Our Verowave Services consultancy team can also customise the base set of templates for you, incorporating additional functionality if required, as well as work with you to build bespoke templates, more suited to your business requirements.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1622 828780 if you wish to discuss how we can help your business.

Scott Hews

A highly experienced Technology Consultant and Software Developer who has been providing software and template solutions to organisations for over 25 years. Having extensive knowledge of software architecture, development, user-interface and corporate brand design and being a creative individual who pays particular attention to detail, he is highly regarded in his field of expertise.