verowave Platform February 2020 Release

Verowave Technologies are pleased to announce the February 2020 release of the verowave Platform.

This update release not only includes minor fixes, but brings new functionality to support the importing of form data into existing documents and the ability to automatically apply dynamically updating data to document content without the need for design tools.

This release provides extended support for Customers by allowing users to use the verowave Platform to email forms and/or store forms within a file store or DMS.  Forms can be then be completed, or for more complex forms collaborated on, and then subsequently routed back to the form owner for import and/or to automate the production of documents.

The ability to now build dynamically updating data components to be applied to document content automatically extends the capability of the verowave Platform allowing business users to easily create new dynamically updating content blocks and templates without the need to use the verowave Design tools.

For further information on the new functionality provided in the February release of the verowave Platform or to speak to us on how we can assist your firm to vastly improve your Microsoft Office 365 document production and assembly processes, contact us on +44 (0)1622 828780 or email us at

Scott Hews

A highly experienced Technology Consultant and Software Developer who has been providing software and template solutions to organisations for over 25 years. Having extensive knowledge of software architecture, development, user-interface and corporate brand design and being a creative individual who pays particular attention to detail, he is highly regarded in his field of expertise.