verowave Platform Document Restyling Tools now available to Business Edition users

Users of the verowave Platform Business Edition now have the ability to extend their document production and assembly environment with the new Legal Styling Tools App which can be downloaded from the verowave Platform App Store.

The Legal Styling Tools App provides extensive support for building and working on Legal agreements and fully supports the Document Excellence Group (DEG) style naming conventions should your firm have chosen (or wish) to adopt these.  Likewise if your firm has an alternative preferred naming convention, the App can easily be configured to work equally well with those.

Our restyling tools enable end-users to work on both internal and external documents allowing the automated restyle of documents and paragraphs into the firms chosen house-style.  Automatically re-brand different areas of the document with different style sets to ensure the correct paragraph numbering between operative and schedule sections of the document or break the document down into any number of modular components to be restyled independently.

With the addition of customised front sheet automation, table of contents management and the ability to build definition tables with ease gives end-users complete flexibility when working with, or collaborating on, contractual based documents.

The verowave Platform Legal Styles Tools App is a single tool set that allows users to create new agreements adhering to house-style, edit and collaborate on existing agreements and also re-brand external or historic documents.

Contact us to arrange a for a preview demonstration and find out why so many of our Business Edition customers are looking at implementing our Legal Styling Tools App.

Not on the verowave Platform Business Edition!   For Lite Edition customers, contact us to find out how to upgrade and start benefiting from our extensive store of Business Edition Apps.

Verowave Platform Apps

verowave Platform Apps are application extensions that can be downloaded from our Customer App Store and either installed collectively or as separate individual components and will further extend the capability of the base platform software and enrich your document production environment and end-user experience.

Scott Hews

A highly experienced Technology Consultant and Software Developer who has been providing software and template solutions to organisations for over 25 years. Having extensive knowledge of software architecture, development, user-interface and corporate brand design and being a creative individual who pays particular attention to detail, he is highly regarded in his field of expertise.