Verowave Technologies release a brand new Document Printing App

Verowave Technologies are pleased to announce the release of our latest extension App designed specifically to support firms when outputting documents to firm-wide printers or publishing to PDF.

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Snapshot of sample ribbon tab in Microsoft Word

Our Document Printing App has been designed to provide an extremely simple mechanism for administrators of the verowave Platform to add Print buttons (or Print menus) to any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint ribbon tab that can perform multiple workflow printing functions including identifying printers, setting appropriate output paper types and trays – depending upon document type, automating copy printing and automatically identifying elements of a document that should and should not be printed, for example omitting logos when printing to letter head paper or including watermarks for draft documents.

The Document Printing App can also be configured to work alongside existing in-house printing macros incorporating the ability to include your customised print functions at time of print.

Fully supporting the verowave Platform Active Directory Security Layer administrators can provide specific users, groups or templates with customised printing capabilities targeted to meet the direct printing requirements of end-users.

For further information on this App or to talk to us on how we can assist your firm eradicate 100% of in-house document production software code, then please get in touch.

Verowave Platform Apps

verowave Platform Apps are application extensions that can be downloaded from our Customer App Store and either installed collectively or as separate individual components and will further extend the capability of the base platform software and enrich your document production environment and end-user experience.

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