Document Assembly and Automation for Microsoft Word


Extend Microsoft Word and empower your users with tools to build professional documents, simply, efficiently and on brand!

The verodocs component of the verowave Platform brings the relevant document production and assembly services to Microsoft Word and empowers users to create and build documents in a more efficient and accurate way.

By introducing document assembly and template management functionality into the workplace you can ensure your users always gain quick and simple access to the most up to date templates and content needed to perform their document production tasks.

Key Functionality

Full Document Assembly

Add rich document assembly functionality to your business templates and empower your users to create better documents, faster and on brand.

Dynamic Forms Engine

Our dynamic forms engine can assist businesses to capture and process data to be incorporated into business documents.  Forms can be automatically generated to produce simple, yet accurate business correspondence through to complex, highly sophisticated processes to build contracts, reports and support most document automation requirements.

Template Management

Template management is the process of governing the document templates used to instil consistency and brand compliance of corporate documents whether they be Microsoft Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations or Excel Workbooks.

Ribbon Customisation

Create and modify Microsoft Office Ribbons to include feature rich document production functionality.  Put the tools your users need right in front of them at the right time.

Versioning & Deployment

Manage, package and version control your document production solutions and ensure the right users get the right solutions at the right time.  No fuss deployment functionality that will always ensure your users have the most up to date templates & content at all times.

Active Directory Security

Use Active Directory Groups and Security to ensure you deliver the right content to the right users at the right time.  Manage exactly who sees, gets and uses what and when.

App Extensibility

As with each of the verowave components, the verowave Platform App Store provides access to many extensibility Apps that can be downloaded and easily deployed through the verowave Deployment Service.  

Apps extend the capability of the verowave Platform with content, functionality and integrations that allow each and every business to truly tailor their document production environment.

  • iManage 9 Integration
  • iManage Work 10 Optimised Integration
  • NetDocuments Integration
  • CMS, PMS, InterAction & Outlook Integration
  •  SQL Server Integration
  • Managed Document Footer Id’s
  • New Document Menu
  • Multi Office & Language Support
  • Content & Clause Bank Libraries
  • Document Publishing
  • Legal & Document Styling Tools
  • Print Management
  • And more from our App Store

Document Management Integration

The following short demonstration video provides an insight into how the verowave Platform simply integrates with products such as iManage Work 10.

The verowave Platform extracts Client & Matter data from the iManage profile and uses this information to filter data within a SQL based PMS system returning relevant contacts associated to the Matter.

Document Language Support

The following short demonstration video show cases the language integration features of the verowave Platform.

In this example, the author’s office is determined by using data extracted from Active Directory which is then used to set the default office details, document theme and language components for the document.

The verowave Platform will help you...

... convert and rationalise your documents & templates into a high-quality set of branded templates

... add fully customisable and automated document footers Id's to all documents

... manage your templates to ensure they are deployed and secured for use as and where needed

... improve collaboration and performance within your teams by adding productivity Apps

... eradicate the need for any macro coding whatsoever

... incorporate highly functional dynamic user forms that can integrate with internal data sources

... ensure the right users have the right functionality at the right time