verowave Platform

The document production and assembly platform for Microsoft Office 365

The verowave Platform is a Microsoft Windows desktop application designed to provide document production and assembly services to the Microsoft Office 365 product suite.  From the ground up, the application has been architected to be highly extensible and scalable, providing firms with the ability to tailor solutions to meet their exact business needs.

“My firm should run the way I want it to”

“As our world constantly changes, my systems should too. I need a product which can be adapted and extended as my world changes, not when the next software release is due.”

Customers that implement verowave into their firm will benefit from a platform that not only manages the versioning and deployment of document production content to end-users, but will additionally benefit from 100% code-free templates that can still integrate and pull data from internal systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, SQL Server, Active Directory and most other systems supporting an API.

Our sophisticated forms engine enables Customers to create simple dynamically-built user forms or customise more complex  and dynamically adaptive forms that can be used to capture, integrate or complete the most complex of document types.

Supporting a modern design concept of ‘App’ extensibility, our platform can be configured or extended to support all businesses and provide the document production and assembly tools that would potentially enable firms to reduce or eradicate the dependency on other assembly or automation software applications.

Customers can download many different ‘Apps’ from the ‘verowave App Store’ providing extended functionality such as Office & Language Management Apps through to CMS, PMS & InterAction Integration or perhaps assist with contracts, reports and bid documents using our Content Libraries App.

“The right people should be doing the right thing in the right way at the right time - efficiently, effectively and on brand”

“I want my senior team driving the business, focussed on revenue generation and realising efficiency. The back office should be creating the firm’s documents with smart functionality that supports productivity and accuracy.”

Platform Components

The verowave Platform, as its name suggests, is a platform application that provides a vast number of document production and assembly services at it’s core.  Components of the platform, verodocs, veroslides and verosheets extend Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel respectively and introduce those services to the relevant application where applicable.  Components such as the veroforms Filler and veroforms Designer, further extend the capability of the platform and introduce highly customisable dynamic forms.

The verowave Platform can help you to...

... convert and rationalise your documents & templates into a high-quality set of branded templates

... add fully customisable and automated document footers Id's to all documents

... manage your templates to ensure they are deployed and secured for use as and where needed

... improve collaboration and performance within your teams by adding productivity Apps

... eradicate the need for any macro coding whatsoever

... incorporate highly functional dynamic user forms that can integrate with internal data sources

... ensure the right users have the right functionality at the right time